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Get the traditional look of a hardwood floor, but with a twist. Bamboo floors are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and tough. This wood is rated harder than red oak. Bamboo is a cutting-edge trend that’s also here to stay, and it comes in a range of colors and styles. Take a look at our comprehensive selection today.


We are proud to offer cork flooring—one of the hottest trends in floor covering. Cork is made from the waste of cork wine-stopper manufacturing and is therefore a recycled product. It is also sustainable, because cork is harvested from the cork oak tree, which is replanted. And we’re not talking boring beige corkboards. Today’s floors have a variety of custom designs and vivid colors to suit every need and taste. In addition to its durability, cork produces a cushioned feel and sound reduction, and it’s easy to install. Ask us about cork!


Your new bathroom or kitchen remodel would not be complete without beautiful, durable new countertops.  With all the options available today, it's harder than ever to decide which one is best for you.  From the not-so-standard laminate options, to granite, all the way up to quartz countertops, the sky is the limit.  Fortunately, our design team at CAP Carpet & Flooring prides themselves on the ability to help you select the "perfect" countertop to coordinate with your new flooring, paint and cabinets.  We can get a quick estimate if you can provide us with a simple sketch of your cabinet layout, indicating where the appliances and sink are along with all the length and depth measurements of the existing tops. 

Better yet, bring in your floor-plan and we'll make a quick copy.  You don't even need to know your final selection, we can bid out all your options to help you decide which top might fit your budget best.  Once you've made a final decision, we'll get someone out to do a physical measure in order to make sure your new countertops have an exact fit to your cabinets and walls.  A new countertop can change the look of an entire room, so do your cabinets a favor......come into CAP and start updating your castle today.

Radiant Heating

Tired of walking around in slippers and socks all winter? With radiant heating, you can again walk barefoot across your hard floors in the dead of winter. The unique under floor heating system is environmentally friendly, because it’s clean and energy efficient. It’s luxury you never thought was possible. Talk to one of our associates about radiant heating today.

Window Treatments

From custom draperies, top of bed, accessories, and blinds. We want to provide you with quality workmanship for any application. From performance to cutting edge design…..we want to be your trusted place for easy, affordable, and quality products. Plus the benefit of in-home design services.

Our window treatment specials has a clear, easy, helpful approach to getting you the product that you want for your home without the high sales pitch. We will listen to your thoughts and desires for your home window applications and provide you with options in style and price.

Your final products will be customized for the desired design and functionality that will provide you with years of beauty and performance. Along with our in-home services, We are willing to draw out conceptual drawings for your space so you can better visualize the actual design of your future window treatment. This is an added plus to our full design program.

So whether you want a duvet to match your draperies, shutters or blinds we are here to give you your dream. Our lead times is reasonable as well as our pricing.

And thank you for your continued business with Cap Carpet and Flooring Window Treatment.