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Benefits of Area Rugs

Area rugs can instantly add charm and warmth to your hardwood, laminate and tile floors.  They define seating areas, protect under dining room tables and at busy front doors as well as add beauty and character to your home.  From traditional oriental styles, timeless woven wools, contemporary shags and sleek modern textures, you'll find the perfect rug to finish off your space.  Think about turning any broadloom carpet into a custom area rug.  We can cut to your exact measurements, add a protective backing and serge the edges to finish just as flawlessly as a prefinished area rug, and the price will surprise you.  With the savings, you can get two rugs!  One look for spring and summer, and another for fall and winter when you want to change the feel of your space by adding warmer deeper tones. 

Care & Maintenance of Area Rug

Taking care of your area rug is straightforward and not at all difficult. Just vacuum regularly, blot spills, and clean occasionally with the hot-water extraction method—and that spectacular area rug beauty will be maintained over the years.

Choosing A Rug

An area rug can brighten any room in the house, adding immediate color and style. When you shop, you’ll find many shapes and sizes, patterns and prices. There are lots of choices—but we can help you with a few tips on what to look for.

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